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About Us

Welcome To Bee Bee Cakes!

We provide affordable, adorable, and unique baby and toddler clothes. BeeBee Cakes started as an idea when I was pregnant with my second child endlessly searching big name stores in my area and websites for baby clothes. As any parent, new parent, or parent to be can relate spare time is a rare thing. I decided to create a space that parents could come and find clothes that were cute and affordable without having to search high and low.

I know how hard it can be to take one child, two children, or more into a store and try to look through endless racks of clothing. My eldest loves to go into the clothing racks and hide behind all of the merchandise. My youngest wants to grab and touch all of the clothes dangling on hangers within her reach. I'm sure you can relate! I decided to stop working harder and start working smarter. Bee Bee Cakes has been the end result.

Bee Bee Cakes is dedicated to making your shopping experience with children a breeze. We provide clothing for baby all the way up to size 7. We put in the legwork of searching for the best prices around so that you can reap the benefits of a one-stop shopping experience.

We want to create the best shopping experience for you. Please feel free to email us with any ideas or comments that would enhance your shopping experience with us! We will do our best to accommodate and integrate your ideas.


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